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Farm Building will be a program that offers participants one-on-one assistance in assessing and reducing risks to their business developments in areas of production, marketing, financial, legal and individual support, particularly for their military related experiences. The ultimate goal of the program is the support the development of viable business models that provide lifelong income production and learning, American job creation and to invigorate the economic health of rural communities. Veterans are well poised as citizens whose delayed entry into entrepreneurship brings unmatched maturity and life experience.

  • Farming
    The Homegrown By Heroes program provides farmer-veterans a distinctive label they may affix on their agricultural products to be displayed to the consumer at point of sale.
  • Career
    The Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) can help match you with job and internship/apprenticeship placement. FVC networks with the agriculture industry to determine employment needs and gaps that can be filled by veterans.
  • Farmer Veteran Fellowship
    FVC’s Fellowship assist veterans with advancing their career in food and farming. Fellowship participants are given access to resources and support services that enable them to become successful in the food and farming industry.
  • National Stakeholders
    Empowering Women Veterans Retreat connects women veterans interested in agriculture. With a focus on wellness, financial planning, and business development. Scholarships available to cover travel costs.


 “I found working with livestock to be an incredibly rewarding experience and very therapeutic. I found I could live life fully again, have a sense of belonging, purpose, self-worth and joy. Things that were missing for far too long after my injury and during extended rehabilitation.” – David Beardi