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The Homegrown By Heroes label is a key differentiator for farmer veteran products in competitive markets. The HBH label gives farmer veterans the point-of-sale visibility they need to be successful in the marketplace. The HBH label also affords consumers a tangible way to support veterans while providing an avenue to share the veteran’s story.

HBH brand awareness is rapidly growing as the result of national publicity and exposure. Your products will be associated with a nationally recognized and promoted program, giving your business a competitive edge.

When you certify your products in the Homegrown By Heroes program, you also gain membership with Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC). As part of your membership benefits, you will receive free assistance from FVC staff in areas such as food safety planning, marketing, and business development. You will also join a community of veterans working toward the same goal. As a member of FVC, you will have access to this community and enjoy the same camaraderie that you had in the military.


Certifications under Homegrown By Heroes are renewable annually pending a review of any changes to business ownership, and/or product makeup.

State Partners

Several State Departments of Agriculture have officially partnered with Homegrown By Heroes to promote the HBH label within their states. States such as Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania have developed labels that combine their own “Buy Local” logo with the HBH logo. Other states such as Maine, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee have elected to promote the HBH label separately but in harmony with their own “Buy Local” labels.

To find out how your state can participate in this program, contact Farmer Veteran Coalition at hbh@farmvetco.org.

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