1. Do I have to be an FVC member to apply for the Fellowship?

Yes, you must be an FVC member to be eligible for a Fellowship award. If you aren’t a member yet, join here: https://fvc.secure.force.com/auth/

2. If I’m still serving, can I apply?

Yes, veterans from all military branches and service eras as well as those currently serving are eligible to apply. For those still serving, you will need a letter from command as proof of service.

3. I received an award in a previous year, can I apply again?

Yes, if you have previously received a Fellowship award, you may apply again this year.

4. How long does the application take?

The application takes between 1 and 3 hours to complete. It is strongly recommended that you write your answers in a Word document on your computer, and save the document frequently. You can copy and paste your responses into the application form.

The application consists of short answer and essay questions regarding military service, educational background, prior farming experience, business and financial planning, and short-term and long-term goals.

5. What kind of business plan do I need?

There is no length requirement for the business plan. There are several free templates for agricultural business plans available online. Here is a link to one of them: https://agplan.umn.edu/

6. When will I find out if I was selected for an award?

The advisory council will review applications in March, and awards will be announced in April. Applicants that were not selected for an award will also be notified.

7. If I’m selected for an award, how do I get my equipment?

Award recipients are notified via e-mail, with instructions on how to purchase the equipment granted.

8. What’s the maximum award?

Awards range from $1,000 to $5,000.

9. How do I know my application was submitted?

Once you have completed the application and reviewed your responses, click the Submit Application button at the bottom of the webpage. The next screen will show you a confirmation message, indicating your application has been submitted.

10. I still have questions, who can I talk to?

You can e-mail the Fellowship manager, Rachel Petitt, rachel@farmvetco.org